About The Word Wiz

The Word Wiz writes words for workplaces.

The Word Wiz is an independent, creative content marketing company that crafts compelling written content.

Content marketing is important, but it takes time and money to do it right. Businesses often lack the necessary resources and/or expertise to deliver well-written, strategic marketing materials. You can hire full-time staff, outsource the work to an agency, or you can hire The Word Wiz.

The Word Wiz combines creative writing, innovative thinking, consumer psychology, and digital marketing techniques like search engine optimization (SEO) to help get the word out about your business or organization.

In short, The Word Wiz creates custom written content that’s friendly for both search bots and human readers.


Masterful Storytelling & Creative Expression:
Seek first to understand, and then deliver well-written, strategic content—on time and on budget. Even boring or complex topics can be made interesting with creative storytelling!

Full of energy, pep, courage, and determination.

Collaboration & Partnership:
The Word Wiz believes in teamwork and works WITH you to share your story as it evolves alongside your business.

Get noticed and be remembered.
The Word Wiz can help tell your story!
It all comes down the right words.


About Jessica Newman

CEO & Chief Content Creator

Jessica is…The Word Wiz!

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  • 10 years professional writing experience

  • Creative Writing & Psychology Degree - University of New Brunswick

  • Content Marketing Certification & Inbound Marketing Certification - HubSpot

  • Marketing Writing Bootcamp - MarketingProfs University

    Practical Grammar & Punctuation Course - Ryerson University

Jessica Newman is a skilled wordsmith, an innovative marketer, and a passionate entrepreneur with a proven history of using words to attract interest and get results. She has strong copywriting skills, a creative mind, and a cheerful laugh. Her cat and dog are among her best friends.

A university-educated writer, Jessica has a decade of practical experience in content marketing. She’s written all kinds of content that’s helped companies get noticed before being acquired. She aspires to help other businesses grow too. A lifelong learner, Jessica is committed to keeping pace with trends in content marketing.

Jessica loves brand storytelling. She’s good at it, and she’d like to hear from you.