Writing Services

Good stories take time to tell, and they never really end. That’s the point. A good story keeps you turning pages, wondering what comes next. One chapter leads to the next, until you reach the “end” of the story. But that’s simply the beginning of the sequel.

Search engine optimization (SEO) or, in other words, how your website performs alongside keywords related to your business, works much the same way. It takes time to outrank others in search engine results, but custom content can help you get the word out and climb to the top.



Blogging for Businesses

A corporate blog is an ongoing, written conversation relating to your target audience’s interests. Blog posts usually aren’t all about your business (although a peppering doesn’t hurt) because blogging is more about being helpful than being promotional. This is your chance to loosen up, become more transparent as a company, and develop genuine relationships.


Bylined Articles a.k.a. Ghostwriting

Build trust and thought-leadership by publishing articles in magazines and other publications—both traditional and online. The Word Wiz will work with you to create comprehensive and informative bylined articles to help elevate executives and other personnel at your business or organization. I write the words; you get the glory!



The Word Wiz offers a creative approach to copywriting. Whether it’s web copy, landing page content, brochures, flyers, or signage/billboards, I can help you write promotional text that matches your intended tone of voice and mirrors your business objectives.


Case Studies & Customer Success Stories

Tell the stories of satisfied customers! Their stories are part of your brand’s story, and your story (if it’s well-written) is the story of all those who identify with what your company has to offer. The Word Wiz is happy to interview people to get client testimonials and expand these into complete case studies to inspire other people to take notice of your brand.


Ebooks & Whitepapers

Both ebooks and whitepapers can be used as downloadable, “gated” content for lead generation/capture. An ebook condenses a large amount of information into easily digestible pieces, often compiling the best performing content on your website. Whitepapers help your business demonstrate expertise within certain subject areas and, with time, can establish your company as a trusted thought-leader in a specific industry. These assets are great conversation starters for new prospects!


Press Releases

So, you’ve got big news. Maybe your company is launching an exciting new product or perhaps you’ve recently won an award. If your company is doing (or is about to do) something newsworthy, don’t keep it a secret! Send an announcement to the media and online news aggregators to help get the word out.


Email Campaigns & Newsletters

Want to stay top of mind? Make an appearance in people’s email box (with their permission of course). Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is not dead; just don’t be spammy about it. The Word Wiz can help you create meaningful content that your audience will actually want to read. Emails and newsletters are both best practices to keep customers, prospects, employees, and investors informed and engaged.